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Since 2005, Gyro World has been lifting the standards on Greek fast food in New York. Whoever has had the pleasure of walking through our doors understands and appreciates the unforgettable combination of authentic Greek cuisine, warm Greek hospitality, inviting atmosphere, friendly service, and affordable prices, with an emphasis on freshness and simplicity. That means authentic Greek fast food made with fresh ingredients. We were determined to bring to New York the high-quality Greek fast food that has now become scarce even in Athens. 

A letter from our team...

Dear Friend,

Thank you.

We owe our success to all our loyal customers, for recognizing and appreciating the high quality ingredients used in our kitchens.

Since our humble start from a push cart in Manhattan NY in 1991, and in our effort to give our customers the best of our Greek food culture, our knowledge became flesh and blood and gave birth to Gyro World in 2005.

Gyro World has always pushed the envelope on what you should expect from " a gyro spot."

Food is serious business and we don't ever forget it. Without your patronage and support we would be lost, so once again, a very warm THANK YOU to all our customers , friends and family for giving us the opportunity to bring to you our version of " a gyro spot. "

Spreading love and tzatziki

The GW family